Monday, May 25, 2009

feeling blue

There are just a lot of things that cross my mind right now (or make that for the past few days). I can't put them into words yet because I don't even know where to begin. All I know is that as of this moment I am feeling sad and lonely. I hope and pray that God will guide me through this... That by tomorrow a smile will light upon my face... That everything will be fine again... That my mind will be put at ease... Hopefully... With God's grace...

Oh well, time for me to tuck myself to bed as I still have work tomorrow. Wish me luck that I'll be able to have a good night's rest.

Until then!

Monday, May 11, 2009

the silence of a man and a woman

As I checked my Friendster account, I noticed that one of my friends -- Lileth -- edited her shout out. The quote caught my attention because I somehow found truth into it, hehe. So to put an end to your speculations, here is the quote:

"Funny how...

A man's silence
can break a woman's heart into a thousand pieces.

While a woman's silence
can give a man a thousand moments of confusion."

True, isn't it? This may not apply to all but somehow I can relate to this. I even witnessed this happening to some of my friends. When a man suddenly becomes quiet (especially in a middle of an argument) and doesn't talk to us even if we try to fix things, we feel like our heart has been shattered into a million pieces. And when it's the woman's turn to become silent, the man then becomes soooo confused... tries to woo you... and if you won't budge, it's his turn to get angry or irritated. It seems like a cycle, huh? Hehehe. But this case doesn't only happen when you have fights. It also happens during regular occassions or in our every day life. Oh well, I just thought of sharing it. How about you? What do you think?

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

just a bit of catching up

Oooohhh... I know... I know... It's been a month since I last updated my site. So sorry about that. I've been caught up with a lot of things lately which includes work and family responsibilities. But to give you a quick update, here's what I've been doing for the past couple of weeks (as far as I can remember, hehehe):
  • *** Earlier parts of April (around the first two weeks), I've been so busy with work because it was crunch time for our team. We had to double our efforts just to ensure that we get our quota before the month ends.

  • *** Second, my Aunt and Uncle from Australia arrived around the 17th of April to spend their summer vacation here. Prior to their arrival, my family have been so busy cleaning the house, rearranging things and the list goes on and on and on, hehe. You do know that this usually happens in every Filipino household, right? Especially when relatives from other countries or other places come for a visit, hehe.

  • *** Third, my Ate and her family also arrived from Davao. They arrived around the 24th. Then, they were off to Camiguin on the 25th along with my parents and other relatives since that's where they wanna spend the summer break. Uh-huh, your heard me right. It's only my parents and relatives. I was left here at home, huhu.

  • *** Fourth, while all of them are enjoying their stay in Camiguin, I was left home alone. I had to stay behind to work, to watch over the house and to do some chores. For almost a week, I felt like a stay-at-home mom. I even remember that my officemate and friend, Ann, welcomed me into the world of "home-maker-hood," hehe. I was actually scheduled to be with my family on the 30th but changed my plans the last minute due to a lot of factors, huhu.

  • *** Fifth, I spent time with my honey on his special day. We attended mass together with his mom and dad on the 23rd. Then we had a dinner date at a seafood restaurant as my birthday treat for him. But his birthday celebration didn't stop there. We had another one. This time around it was his Kuya's treat for him. We had a lunch date together with his family in a Filipino restaurant. We all had a great time over good food and wonderful conversation.

  • *** And lastly, even if I missed out on the Camiguin trip, I still decided to enjoy my leave from work. Yep, I filed for leave so I could be with my family but had to change plans. So sad. And because of that, I decided to take a break from all the stress and have an overnight stay at Basamanggas Resort with my cousin and my honey. It turned out great. We all had fun and we really were able to unwind.
So that's about it... I wasn't really busy, right? Hahaha. Oh well, all I could say is that I may have missed out on the Camiguin trip but I still had my own share of fun times. However, in the next summer vacay, I should be joining them... Hopefully...