Wednesday, February 23, 2011

my style is bohemian.. cool!

I'm feeling bored with work now even though am down to my last task for the day. So to make me feel a bit energized, I decided to take a few minutes of distraction, hehehe. My distraction involved two things -- food (I sooo love eating, hehe) and answering online quizzes especially from BlogThings. This time around I took the "What's Your Style Type?" quiz. It only contained a few questions so it didn't take me a long time to answer it. So here's the result...
Your Style is Bohemian

When it comes to fashion, anything goes for you... especially if it's whimsical and fun.

You draw your style influences from all over, and you are a pro at mixing and matching.

You believe that fashion rules are meant to be broken. You don't need anyone to tell you what looks good.

You rock your own unique and free spirited style. And many people secretly envy you for it.

I kinda liked the result, hehehe. Some of the descriptions suit me well especially the part where it indicated that I'm a pro at mixing and matching. It really is true because I love to mix and match clothes, shoes and accessories. Nice quiz!

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